Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Oh God Gotta Catch 'em All

so in summary:

Wednesday - 2 gigs in one 2...1 at Puregroove, coinciding with a real ale fest then one at The Luxe in Spitalfields. Proceeded to get smashed in The Golden Heart and it was a touch messy.

Thursday - Died quietly at work...ate stuff at Dana's and went and watched TV Off at Lexington as part of that JaJaJa night. Smashed Icelanders everywhere

Friday: Pub full of smashed Icelanders in Barnsbury. Good Lord

Saturday: CARDIFF TO SEE JOHN CALE...Oranjeboom prevented us from remembering TOO much of what was a good concert by all accounts. Twats that me and Goudie are. Good to see Pagan and the Welsh. Didn't eat any rarebit or coal or any shit like that.

Sunday: PILLARS FOR BREAKFAST.. Was MASSIVE and rubbish. Suspect, possibly canine sausages...old man conversing with himelf on the loo. endlessly dispiriting stuff. On the coach on the way back, two old theatrical gentlemen board at Newport...fucking Newport of all places. One was wearing 2 ties. Christ

Monday: Work, Morrisons, Home, 1 scene of Olivier's Hamlet, GTA, Dana's, Bed.

Whew....as if whew.

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