Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Wed 25

Bought a Pie Dish...did something else probably

Thu 26th

THANKSgiving - ate turkey, creamed corn, mac cheeese, pies, gravies, stuffings and a whole family of elk at Cockfosters. Was actually amazing.

Fri 27th

Magic Numbers in Euston, Ice Sea Dead People on Kingsland Rd with Fishplums...really ugly amount of Strongbow, partying at Stokey.

Sat 28th

Bethnal Cafe...filth...Dana's. Malevolent hangover.


Mon 30:

Work, booked Lounge thingy and pizza, saw Broseph. picked up bag from carnage night.

Tuesday 1st:

Oh good lawks - first go on Modern Warfare 2...all 4.5 hours of it. Nearly eppied...went to bed shellshocked. RAMIREZ! Jesus.

Wednesday 2nd

Lounge Bohemia for cocktails followed by Pizza East for a delightful Veal Meatball pizza which may actually take over the world...Then the Owl and Pussycat. What a charming eve.

Thursday 3rd

SIMON BOOKISH! at ICA followed by some dump of a pub then Cro Bar with a smashed JB. top old night.

Friday 4th;

Hungover at work...home included Pizza, GTA and listening to frightening amounts of The Melvins

Saturday 5th

Borough market for cheese sammiches then arcade games with Lolwolf and the Dana...Farringdon with Tunde for the Khan fight then drinks and times with Marknoose and Mad Mick. Excellent.

Sunday 6th

Much Noodle Kinging, aimless shuffling, Jesus Lizard and X Box. Pasta at Pentonville. oh. turp.

Monday 7th

Uneventful work followed by dropping in to a horrendously hungover Brainlove, Dreamtrak and Fishplums, worked on the video some more too. Lots of Silkworm listening.